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Going out in Panama City can be quite the adventure. Whether you are deciding over a "torre" or a "botella", Calle Uruguay or The Causeway, all will assure you a great night. Panamanians love to party and chances are, when you arrive, you'll want to join them.
Here in Panama City when going out and trying to figure out what to drink, you can usually choose from 6 different options:

1. a "vaso de vino" or regular glass of wine (red or white)

2.  a "cerveza" (Panama's four national beers being Balboa,   Soberana, Atlas, or Panama, as well as other imported beers)

3. a "jarra" or a pitcher of beer can be ordered at almost any restaurant.

4. a "cubetazo" or a bucket of six beers are usually offered at places like casinos and sports bars

5. a "torre" or a tall tower of beer with a tap at the bottom that serves around 10

6. a "botella" or a bottle of alcohol. This is usually served with two jars of mixers, a bucket of ice, and as many glasses as you need.

Where to go out can be quite the decision considering the amazing nightlife that Panama City has to offer. Some popular spots are Calle Uruguay, The Causeway, and Casco Viejo. 

Calle Uruguay is one street between Avenida Balboa and Calle 50 that has a plethora of bars and restaurants. The clubs range from very swanky to super relaxed. You'll be able to find karaoke, live entertainment, VIP sections, dance floors, live music, DJs, etc. Some great clubs to check out on Calle Uruguay are Seis, Anemos, Moods, Starlight (karaoke), and Mystik. 

The Amador Causeway is a long strip located at the southern entrance to the Panama Canal. It is lined with palm trees and affords you an excellent view of the Bridge of the Americas as well Panama City. It is bombarded with very nice clubs and restaurants. The Causeway tends to be pricey but can always guarantee an unforgettable night. Some great hot spots on the Causeway are Café Barko, Play, P'ahya, and Iemanja. 

Casinos are big in Panama. They offer a wide variety of entertainment for one night as well. Usually they'll offer a live band or karaoke on the weekends as well as cheap drink specials. You can usually get a "jarra" of beer for around $5.50 and a "torre" for around $7.00. A great new casino that just opened up about a year ago is The Veneto located in El Cangrejo, a casino which compliments the city's other regular spots: Fiesta Casino, Crown Casino, Bingo 90, and a handful more. 

Casco Viejo is one of Panama's hidden gems, a neighborhood with deep history and beautiful architecture. The nightlife scene here is very hip, attracting a young and high-end crowd. Some of their favorites tend to be the ultra-bohoemian La Casona de Las Brujas and Las Bovedas which is set within several historic caves. 

Another great thing about the nightlife in Panama is that it goes on all night. Panamanians love to go out and the night doesn't usually get rockin' until eleven or twelve. Come check out what all the fuss is about!

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